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Floor Repairs

Reco Flooring has specialised in floor repairs, particularly expansion joints for many warehousing companies, including Exel, Christian Salvesen, Halfords, Ryder, Bibby Distribution, Wincanton, Toys r Us, Walkers Foods, Levi Strauss and many more. 

We can carry out the following repairs:-

  • Reform damaged expansion joint edges using heavy duty epoxy resin.

  • Fill existing joints with a semi hard but flexible filler to prevent damage to the floor, and increase the life of fork lift tyres.

  • Rapidly resolve Health & Safety issues using fast setting repairs to your factory floor.

  • Supply and lay Acco drainage to goods yards, or wet areas in the factory



  Reco Flooring Ltd. 28, Faraday Road, Rugby, CV22 5ND Tel: 01788 569980 Mob: 07836 659115 Email: info@recoflooring.co.uk